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Lampeter-Strasburg Youth Soccer participates in a variety of Leagues and tournaments. The links below has information of each leagues rules, field directions, and season schedules. Please note the following links will open in a new browser window. Each teams schedule direct link can be found by clicking team name and coach below! Fall season runs Sept 10-Nov 14 approx.


Lancaster County Soccer League (LANCO Travel League)

      Rules for Play                                                              Field directions in each scheduled game

        U09GT (7v7) Black                                                    U09BT (7v7) Franco

        U10GT (7v7) Deckman                                             U10BT (7v7) Hill

        U11GT (9v9) Carter                                                   U12BT (9v9) Hill

        U13GT (11v11) Malcolm

Boys & Girls REC will now be one League under Lanco

(Lancaster Area Recreational Soccer )

Lancaster County Boys Intramural Soccer (LBYSA -Boys Rec)

Lancaster Area Girls Soccer (LAGS -Girls Rec)   Field directions girls  boys

      U10B1 (Ringer-LS1 7v7)                                                     U10B2 (Black-LS2 7v7)

      U10G1 (Hostetter -LS1 7v7)                                               U10G2 (Kauffman -LS2 7v7)

      U12B1 (Williams-LS1 9v9)                                                 U12B2 (Roda-LS2 9v9)

L-S Intramural U6 & U8 Program

       U6 Scimmage/game schedule-ask your coach

       U8 Scrimmage/game schedule-ask your coach